Filt 1860 Net bags

Filt produce Net bags since 1860 in Normandy. The typical bags used in France by our grandmothers for market and grocery, very stretch, strong and practical. They are entirely produced in their workshop near Caen and are proud of the EPV – “Living Heritage Enterprise” label, showing the french know-how in excellence. Each bag comes with the name of the first name of the employee that sew it. 

About Filt 1860

Filt is a textile company founded in 1860, in Normandy. Specialised in the knitting of nets and the weaving of wick candle, the company offers quality and french manufacture products while keeping alive the know-how. About twenty people work every day at Filt to maintain the industrial textile in France.

Filt is present in France but also abroad, 50% of the production is for the international market, exporting the French way of life !

Filt 1860 Net bags size options

Filt net bags come in four different sizes.

Kids  – short handles – long handles and super sized

And 34 colours to choose from

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